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Cost Per Open Email Campaign Model
In the Cost per Open (CPO) email campaigns, email marketing service providers charge clients on the basis of number of opens achieved. Email campaign open rate is
defined as the percentage of unique opens achieved post the campaign. This parameter gives the number of emails that are actually viewed by the respondents.

Email open rates are a crucial factor to consider, when the goal of brand is to do more than just brand awareness. To make the Cost per Open model a success, brands
need to communicate their message very effectively to the target audiences. We at RAD365 Media help businesses in communicating their custom messages
to consumers.

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How to calculate the Open Rate of an Email Campaign
The open rate is calculated by dividing the total number of emails sent by the number of unique email opens. Unique email opens is the total number of emails opened only once by the people. For example, if a person opens the same email multiple times; only one open count will be taken into account to calculate the total number of unique email opens.

Open Rate= Number of unique email opens / Total number of emails sent

Calculating the email open rate effectively is dependent on certain other metrics such as the number of bounce emails and opt-out requests. For example, if you start a campaign by sending 1,00,000 emails and receive 19,000 bounces and 1,000 opt-out requests; then the total number of emails sent would be 1,00,000-19,000 bounces- 1,000 opt-outs request= 80,000 emails.

So now, the open rate would be calculated taking the total number of emails sent as 80,000.

Importance of Open Rates
A higher email open rate means more number of emails being opened by the audiences. Open rates are an important measurement metrics to understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.

Why businesses prefer Cost per Open Campaign model over Cost per Thousand model?
Our Cost per Open campaign model is preferred by most clients who have already conducted the Cost per Thousand campaign models in the past and now want to expand their service or product marketing across a targeted group of prospective audiences.

Unlike the Cost per Thousand models where clients pay the cost per 1000 emails sent, the Cost per Open lets client pay the cost as per the number of opens. We ask the clients their expected opens and then finalize an agreement depicting the total cost. We start the emails campaigns across the specific set of targeted consumer database to achieve the best results.

Our Cost per Open Features
At RAD365 Media, our Cost per Open email campaign model assures that you target the relevant consumer or business sections. Our strength lies in quality email databases, accurate analytics of the opens, and prompt communication and support.

Email Databases:
We have custom email databases for both B2C and B2B campaigns. Our B2C email databases are segmented based on different categories such as consumer age, consumer income levels, consumer geography and many more parameters. Our B2B email databases are segmented on the basis of employee size, business industry and sales volume etc.

We have both single opt-in and double opt-in email databases that would be able to cater to the varied needs of yours. Based on your preferences, we can conduct your email campaigns leveraging the appropriate databases.

We consider statistics as an important component of all our email marketing services. We use analytical platforms to deliver you the accurate email open results. Our comprehensive analytics capabilities let you know important metrics such as the total email open counts, unique email open counts, geographies from which emails are opened etc.

Communication & Support:
From the beginning of the email campaign to getting the results, our delivery team actively communicates with you to give you the campaign details.

Our CPO Model

Why should you opt for the Cost per Open model?

Businesses looking to start out with performance based campaigns can opt for the cost per open models at reasonable rates. Brands can get to their future goals after fully experimenting with this model and getting an idea about the audience preferences.

The Cost per Open model comes with many features suitable for businesses looking out to enhance their reach in the prospective consumer groups.

The Cost per Open email marketing model gives brands the confidence to run more advanced campaigns by setting more targeted goals. For example, based upon the number of opens coming from a particular geography; brands can target those particular geographies with more concentrated approach and more attractive campaigns.