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Real Estate, Investment Advisory & Insurance

Financial decisions, real estate investment decisions and insurance decisions etc. are big impact decisions and thus need big amount of knowledge on the part of customers. Brands providing financial services can use the digital media as an active channel to impart the required knowledge to the consumers. RAD365 Media helps these
organizations get a competitive edge in the market by using the key digital marketing strategies.


How Can Real Estate Firms Make Use Of The Digital Marketing Strategies?
Digital procedures can offer firms with custom ways to showcase their investment properties and related discounts to potential investors.

RAD365 Media helps you create targeted email newsletters to inform and persuade buyers about the properties that you are offering for sale in specific locations.

What’s more, you can not only showcase your services but also can educate your prospects as how to make smart investment decisions through the thought leadership integrated with the digital communications. Coherent communication can eventually build the foundational level of trust between you and your prospects, which will ultimately turn into a successful deal.

“We are here to help you digitally throughout the process.”

How Can Investment Advisory Firms Make Use Of The Digital Marketing Strategies?
If you are a firm providing investment services, investment education, consulting or research; and want your voice to be heard among your target audience, we can help you to build your email marketing strategies and social media strategies. With robust marketing analytics to support the above services, we can provide you with timely reports on whether the digital marketing endeavors are working in your favor or not.

Our email marketing services are backed up by opt-in email databases of people who are interested in the investment options. With different types of email campaign options, you can choose the model that will suit your business goals.

How Can Insurance Firms Make Use Of The Digital Marketing Strategies?

Through the calculated use of email marketing, social media marketing and marketing analytics; we communicate your insurance plans and services to prospective customers.

No matter what kind of insurance you deal in like travel insurance, healthcare insurance, phone insurance, auto insurance etc., we have custom plans for you. Our custom content along with robust social media strategies will help you to reach your business goals by providing value to your customers along the way.

Your discounts and offers are important to your customers but if they can’t get it when they need, that would not yield any results. A digital strategy makes it easy for you to get results by reaching your customers faster.

“With the tough competitions ahead, you should have a digital strategy in place to stay on the top of the mind of your customers. We at RAD365 Media help you to streamline your marketing efforts.”

Email Marketing
Through email campaigns to segmented database of prospects, financial institutions can get the attention of audiences and can reach them well.

• Send messages to prospects about the targeted financial offers they really need.
• Automate mail processes in the financial transactions to set absolute process transparency.
• Design customer retention programs for the existing customers.
• Inform the customers about the ins and outs of the financial industry.

Select from our custom email campaign models such as Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Open (CPO) and Cost Per Click (CPC); and check as which model is best for your business.

Social Media Marketing
RAD365 Media helps you to reach your clients through different social media channels effectively. In this digital age, gaining new clients through social media is one of the effective ways of doing business.

Social media is constantly evolving and we are here to integrate your business models with the social media strategies, so you can see your business going upwards.

• Continue conversations with clients on their preferred social media channels.
• Exhibit your financial products & services cost-effectively.
• Gather valuable feedback through consistent communication lines.
• Raise brand awareness for new customer groups.

Marketing Analytics
Marketing analytics is an integral part of the digital marketing practices because without correctly assessing the results, no effective improvements can be made.

All of the marketing practices that you are implementing in your financial business need to be integrated at one place, so as to extract the insights effectively.

• Assess your social media interactions.
• Get comprehensive email campaign reports.
• Improvise your website continuously by assessing website analytics reports.
• Take smarter business decisions.