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Cost Per Click Email Marketing Model
In the Cost per Click campaigns, advertiser brands pay us as per the number of unique clicks achieved out of the email campaign. The CPC campaign model is one of the effective ways to drive traffic towards the websites and other online resources.

Brands already using the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) and Cost Per Open (CPO) can upgrade to the Cost Per Click (CPC) email marketing model to accomplish their lead generation goals. This will be a flexible and cost-efficient method for the brands, as they only have to pay for the number of clicks. In other terms, they are paying only
for the results they are getting in terms of clicks to the specific web pages or offer pages they want.

At RAD365 Media, our Cost per Click models ascertains that clients get access to the best results every time.

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Measuring the Click through Rate
Click through rate is a performance metrics that depicts the percentage of unique clicks attained in a specific email campaign.

Mathematically, Click through Rate= Number of unique clicks / Total number of mails delivered

A higher click through rate implies more effectiveness of the email marketing campaign.

The content of the email is a major factor determining the success rate of the cost per click email marketing campaign. The more authentic and compelling the content, the more recipients will click on the links, and better will be the performance of the email marketing campaigns.

Our Cost per Click Model

Significance of Cost per Click for your Business
The cost per click email campaign model can enhance your business value by enhancing the reach to your prospective customers.

The cost per click model is one of the effective ways to strengthen the online presence of the businesses. Businesses can provide links to different resources such as website content, whitepapers and reports download etc. Through the percentage of clicks to different destinations, businesses can assess the preferences of the prospective customers and can implement more improved strategies in the future to reach them more effectively.

Setting the Budget for Cost per Click Campaigns
The Cost per Click email campaign can provide great support to your lead generation endeavors. Depending upon the state of your business and the goals you want to achieve, you should set the budget for the campaign.

At RAD365 Media, our professional campaign counselors will help you to identify as how much budget should you assign for you in different phases of the Cost per Click campaign.

From starting out the campaign across targeted email database to analyzing the click results, we support you through each of the stages of the campaign, so as to assure that you get effective results at reasonable costs.

Consistent and accurate monitoring is an important part of the Cost per Click email marketing campaign. We use advanced campaign tracking tools to track all the unique clicks.

We measure the details such as which concepts or keywords in the email campaigns are generating the clicks. These details in turn help our clients to measure the conversion rates and improvise on the campaign contents in future.