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Our Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is powerful; and the best email marketing strategy always wins. With the invention of new analytics platforms, the B2B and B2C email marketing has grown
to new heights. No matter at which stage you are in your business, you can reach your target audiences fast with our custom email marketing solutions.

Our email marketing glossary lists all the important terms you need to know before you navigate in the email marketing arena. These email marketing terms will not only
help you clear your concepts of how effective the form of marketing is; but also will give you the necessary confidence to find out the right service at the email
marketing service providers.



» “Targeting” in email marketing refers to the act of sending custom emails to different recipients according to specific patterns.
» Targeting options can be based on the different parameters such as customer demographics, customer value, customer channel preference, customer personas and customer behavior.
» Targeting is all about sending the right message at the right time to the specific set of people who actually need it.

» “Trigger” is a concept used for the marketing automation.
» Trigger is a specific action against which emails are forwarded to the subscribers. This phenomenon is also called as trigger-based email campaigns.
» Examples of trigger email campaigns include emails for new subscribers, thank you emails post purchase activity, event emails, emails with download link etc.
» Trigger emails exhibits the relevance of the brand and increases the customer loyalty. They act as an effective medium to engage the existing customers and build the confidence of new customers.

Trackable Links
» Email marketers need to precisely know the results of the email marketing campaigns and they do it through the “trackable links” in the email newsletters.
» The links may include redirection to a specific web page, a whitepaper download page, an offer page, or a social media page.
» Using the email tracking software, email marketers analyze the effectiveness of the email campaign. They can get to know the statistics as how many people are following the links to different destinations.

Tracking Statistics
» “Tracking statistics” are the results that come out from the respective email marketing campaigns.
» The tracking statistics include metrics such as email open rates, email click rates, email bounce rates and click through rates.
» The email tracking statistics helps marketers to segment their marketing endeavors for even better results in the future.
» Consistently watching the email tracking statistics helps in streamlining the email marketing efforts to achieve better return on investment.

Triggered and Sequential Mailings
» “Triggered and Sequential Mailings” is a feature provided by the email marketing service providers. The feature allows automated emails to be sent to the subscribers against a specific set of criteria.
» Triggered and Sequential Mailings are an aspect of email automation.
» Triggered mailings refer to the automated mails sent in response to a trigger/action. The action may be a new subscription, a purchase, whitepaper download etc.
» Sequential mailings refer to the automated mails sent according to a pre-defined time frame such as weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.