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Our Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is powerful; and the best email marketing strategy always wins. With the invention of new analytics platforms, the B2B and B2C email marketing has grown
to new heights. No matter at which stage you are in your business, you can reach your target audiences fast with our custom email marketing solutions.

Our email marketing glossary lists all the important terms you need to know before you navigate in the email marketing arena. These email marketing terms will not only
help you clear your concepts of how effective the form of marketing is; but also will give you the necessary confidence to find out the right service at the email
marketing service providers.



Mailing List
» “Mailing lists” are the specific list of email addresses used to send bulk emails.
» Targeting the right audience is vital for email marketing success. Thus businesses use targeted mailing lists to market their services or products.
» Brands use different consumer and business mailing lists in order to achieve their email marketing goals. The quality of email lists directly affect the return on investment on the email marketing campaigns.

Multi-Part MIME Email
» “Multi-Part MIME email” is the email message having both the HTML and text version. MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and is an internet standard for the format of the email.
» Depending upon the capabilities of the email client, either of the HTML or the plain text version of the email will be shown to the email recipient.
» Since most of the modern email clients support basic HTML, the HTML version of the email is usually shown. In case, a subscriber changes the email settings or preferences; the email client will display the mail accordingly.

Marketing Asset
» “Marketing asset” is anything that supports the marketing activities of businesses. These may include emails, brochures, whitepapers, blog posts, social media channels, business videos etc.
» Keeping an updated inventory of marketing assets is crucial for getting the best marketing results.
» An email list is generally considered as the most valuable marketing asset for any business. Marketing Asset M www.

Member Status
» In email marketing, member refers to the subscriber i.e. the person who enrolls himself in the email list of a particular business to receive business communications. “Member status” is the status of new email entry post subscription.
» For example, there may be different member statuses such as:
Confirm: A confirmation message is sent to the subscriber but s/he is yet to confirm.
Failed Confirmation: The confirmation message sent was bounced.
Unsubscribed: A member has unsubscribed from the list.
Expired: A confirmation message is sent to the subscriber but s/he has not confirmed within the expiry date.