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Our Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is powerful; and the best email marketing strategy always wins. With the invention of new analytics platforms, the B2B and B2C email marketing has grown
to new heights. No matter at which stage you are in your business, you can reach your target audiences fast with our custom email marketing solutions.

Our email marketing glossary lists all the important terms you need to know before you navigate in the email marketing arena. These email marketing terms will not only
help you clear your concepts of how effective the form of marketing is; but also will give you the necessary confidence to find out the right service at the email
marketing service providers.



IP Address
» An “IP address” is an unique identifier which identifies a specific computer or device on a TCP/IP network.
» In email marketing, IP address plays a key role and email marketers often have to decide among the two options as whether to send emails from a shared IP address or a dedicated IP address.
» The reputation of IP address is an important thing to consider for the overall success of the email marketing campaign.

» An “ISP” (Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides access to the internet services against a defined fee structure.
» In case, marketers plan to implement high volume email campaigns from a particular email address, getting the ISP’s whitelist is important to minimize the chances of any deliverability problems.
» ISP whitelists enhance the sender reputation and provides more value to the subscribers.

IP Warm-up
» “IP Warm-up” is a process which is intended to enhance the reputation of the IP address from which you send the email campaign.
» IP warming helps to prove the respective IP as a legitimate email sender. Through warming, ISPs can recognize the IPs as legitimate.
» There are different approaches to warming the IP address. IP warm up has a great role to play in improving the email delivery performance.