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Our Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is powerful; and the best email marketing strategy always wins. With the invention of new analytics platforms, the B2B and B2C email marketing has grown
to new heights. No matter at which stage you are in your business, you can reach your target audiences fast with our custom email marketing solutions.

Our email marketing glossary lists all the important terms you need to know before you navigate in the email marketing arena. These email marketing terms will not only
help you clear your concepts of how effective the form of marketing is; but also will give you the necessary confidence to find out the right service at the email
marketing service providers.



Web-Friendly Fonts
» “Web-friendly fonts” or Web-safe fonts are the fonts that are displayed by every email client.
» In the HTML emails, alternative text is always used for the images used because most email clients restrict the images by default. Using the web-friendly fonts in the alternative texts successfully displays the message.
» The Web-friendly font choices include Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Comic Sans, Georgia, Tahoma, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana etc.
» Use of web-friendly fonts ensures the proper readability of the emails and thus improve campaign performance.

» “Whitelist” is the process of authenticating the sender’s email address so that the incoming mail lands successfully in the inbox of the receiver.
» Email marketers can request the subscribers to whitelist their addresses through a simple link in their newsletter.
» The double opt-in process of subscription also helps to whitelist the sender’s email address.
» Whitelist is also called as Safe Sender list and it ensures that receivers don’t get any unsolicited mails from the unauthorized senders.

» In email marketing, “workflow” refers to a predefined set of actions to be taken in response to the different triggers initiated by the prospects.
» Workflow is the term used in the context of email marketing automation in which the email server sends automated emails to the subscribers depending upon the type of interaction they do.
» Workflows are based on different parameters such as dates and times, form submissions and new subscriptions etc.
» Email workflows results in better ROI on the email marketing campaigns.