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Our Email Marketing Glossary

Email marketing is powerful; and the best email marketing strategy always wins. With the invention of new analytics platforms, the B2B and B2C email marketing has grown
to new heights. No matter at which stage you are in your business, you can reach your target audiences fast with our custom email marketing solutions.

Our email marketing glossary lists all the important terms you need to know before you navigate in the email marketing arena. These email marketing terms will not only
help you clear your concepts of how effective the form of marketing is; but also will give you the necessary confidence to find out the right service at the email
marketing service providers.



Unique Selling Proposition
» “Unique Selling Proposition (USP)” is defined as the unique position that a business holds in the marketplace. It may include the unique range of service, unique product features, unique pricing or unique support solutions.
» Like each and every human being has got a unique characteristics; every business has also got a unique selling proposition.
» Email marketers consistently communicate the USPs of their businesses to their prospects, so as to create their unique identity in the competitive market.

» “Unsubscribe” is the act when someone cancels the subscription previously opted for, due to certain reasons.
» People subscribe for different resources offered by businesses such as periodic email newsletters, whitepapers, blog posts etc. The emails sent to the subscribers have a unsubscribe link at the bottom, where they can unsubscribe at any moment.
» If the unsubscribe rates for a particular email campaign are high, it means that the campaign is not performing well. Subscribers unsubscribe for various reasons such as disinterest in content, no need of further service etc.

Unique Clicks
»“Unique Clicks” is the measure of how many individuals have clicked a single email link once. It does not take into account any repeated clicks on the same link by the same user.
» The links included within the email newsletters are intended to take the receivers to the specific landing pages or product offer pages. Depending on the number of clicks, the preferences of the target audience can be sorted out.
» Unique clicks are a significant parameter to analyze the overall performance of the email marketing campaign.

» “UCE” stands for Unsolicited Commercial Email.
» UCE is also called as spam. These are commercial mails that are sent to people without their active permission.
» UCE poses threat to the privacy of the internet users and also to the e-commerce.
» The unsolicited emails may contain misleading subject lines, illegal software offers, illegal advertisements and fictitious information about the senders etc.
» The internet service providers (ISPs) continuously work on their infrastructure to prevent the UCEs from affecting the email clients.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
» A “Uniform Resource Locator (URL)” is a unique address intended for a website, a specific web page or any file hosted on the cloud.
» A simple website URL can be broken down into four parts as below: for ex. (
» http:// [This is the common protocol on the Internet named Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is used for file request and transmission.]
» www [This implies that the site is in the World Wide Web.]
» google [This implies that the web server belongs to Google.]
» .com [This is the extension for commercial sites. Other extensions include .edu (educational), .gov (government), .org (organization), .net (network)] etc.